Our Charities

Charity is a core tenet of Freemasonry and the Friendly Lodge #239 actively engages in fund raising activities and the collection of charity from its members for the purposes of relief for the less fortunate. We regularly support the following organisations with their charitable works.

  • The Jamaica Masonic Benevelonce Association
  • The Wortley Home for Orphans
  • The National Childrens Hospital and the National Childrens Home
  • Hampden Basic School
  • University Hospital of the West Indies - Childrens Care Unit
  • The Marie Atkins Shelter [Driving Instructions]

Haiti Relief

The Friendly Lodge #239 donates three hundred and sixty thousand (J$360,000) to the Haitian Relief Fund, through the Jamaica Masonic Benevolence Association.

An afternoon at Marie Atkins with Friendly Lodge

The members and families of Friendly Lodge #239 EC at work with the feeding programme at the Marie Atkins Shelter

WM Paulwell serving oranges Charity Steward stirring the pot
Sharing is caring Sharing is caring
The team inlcuding the photographer Warm tea with lunch