Petition for the Centenary Warrant


Friendly Lodge No. 239, Dist. No. 2

Sussex Hall, Hanover Street.

TO HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS THE PRINCE OF WALES, K.G., &c., &c., Most Worshipful, the Grand Master of the United Fraternity of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of England.

The humble Petition of the Master, Immediate Past Master, Past Masters, Wardens and Brethren of the Friendly Lodge No. 239, Dist. No. 2, holding at Sussex Hall, Hanover Street, Kingston, Jamaica, in open Lodge assembled at a regular meeting, held on the 8th day of February, 1897.


1.    That in the year, 1797, several Brethren of the Union Lodge No. 257, Provincial No. 1, holding in Kingston, after correspondence with the Secretary of the "Atholl" Grand Lodge, availed themselves of the power conferred by patent issued in 1796, by the "Atholl" Grand Lodge to Bro. William Blake, appointing him Provincial Grand Master, with power to him and his successors to form a Provincial Grand Lodge, and to constitute new Lodges, to obtain a local Warrant, and constituted the Friendly Lodge Provincial No. 2, the granting of which Warrant or Dispensation was duly reported to and registered in the "Atholl" Grand Lodge, as is shown by their earliest published list of Lodges (The Himan Rezon).

2.    That the old minutes now in the possession of the Lodge, record the business of a meeting held "at the Lodge Room, Port Royal Street, on the 13th April, 1798," that this minute referred to "an affair that happened on the 13th February, past."

3.    That the old Minute Book discloses that it was the custom of the Lodge in its earliest days to elect and install the Wor. Master and Officers every six months.

4.    That the minutes of the 21st June, 1798, record that "The Lodge was convened for installing the new elected Officers for the ensuing six months," and that "The W. M. and Officers made their returns for the 'previous' six months," thus fixing December, 1797, as the time of previous Installation, and date of first meeting of the Lodge.

5.    That the first Officers of the Lodge were installed in December, 1797, as follows:—

Wor. Bro. Abraham D'C Alvarenga    Wor. Master.
Wor. Bro. Abraham P. Mendes, Jr.    Sen. Warden.
Wor. Bro. Solomon Bonito    Jun. Warden.

6.    That the records previous to the meeting of the 13th April, 1798, have been torn out the old Minute Book, that the said book contains a complete record of the business of t h e Lodge and all its Regular Meetings, under the Provincial Warrant No. 8 and afterwards under the Engraved Warrant dated 31st January, 1809, from the above date to the 22nd May, 1814, when the later records are again torn from the Minute Book, as may be seen on inspection.

7.    That it appears from the records in the possession of the United Grand Lodge, that the Friendly Lodge, Provincial No. 8, afterwards No. 342,' Provincial No. 8 and now No. 239, District No. 2 regularly made returns and payments to the "Atholl" Grand Lodge.

8.    That in December, 1803, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Jamaica made remittance of £70 to the "Atholl" Grand Lodge in which was included payments for 15 members of t e Friendly Lodge, Provincial No. 8.

9.    That on 13th January, 1806, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Jamaica remitted the "Atholl" Grand Lodge £40. 4/, which included payments for 62 members of this Lodge, as was shown by the return under cover.

10.    That under date, 18th January, 1806, the Provincial Grand Lodge wrote the "Atholl" Grand Lodge as follows:—

"The Friendly Lodge No. 8 we recommend strongly to your attention, and we are directed to request a grant of an Engraved Number to their Lodge, and that we be advised of the same from a regular document from your record."

To which the "Atholl" Grand Secretary replied:—

"Your recommendation, respecting Lodge No. 8 will receive attention, and all the aid in my power, for an Engraved Number and Warrant from the Grand Lodge here. You should have mentioned the names of the Master and his two Wardens, to be insetted in such Warrant. If this be your wish and you mention an Engraved Number, I will thank you in your next, to be explicit, and I shall be happy to forward your intention."

11.    That correspondence in the possession of the Grand Lodge shows that on the receipt of the Engraved Warrant No. 342, the Provincial Warrant No. 8 was given up, and there were then 49 Brethren Members on the roll of the Lodge.

12.    That several Brethren of the Friendly Lodge, Provincial No. 8, held high offices in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Jamaica between the constitution of the Lodge in December, 1797, and the date of the Warrant in 1809, as is shown by the correspondence in possession of Grand Lodge and the Minute Book of the Lodge.

13.    That in further support of the allegation that the Lodge was constituted in 1797, and was in continuous working before the date of the Engraved Warrant No. 342, the Petitioners respectfully refer to the following correspondence in Grand Secretary's office, viz:—

Letter dated 17th June, 1797, from Bro. Sol. Morales to Bro. R. Leslie.
Letter dated 21st December, 1803, with returns for 15 Brethren from Provincial Grand Lodge to "Atholl" Grand Secretary.
Letter dated 18th January, 1806, with returns for 62 Brethren from Provincial Grand Lodge, to "Atholl" Grand. Secretary, with copy of Grand Secretary's reply written hereon.
Letter dated 26th April, 1808, from Provincial Grand Secretary, to "Atholl" Grand Secretary.
Return 7th September, 1810 Provincial Grand Secretary to "Atholl" Grand Secretary.
Return 1811, from Provincial Grand Secretary, to "Atholl" Grand Secretary.

14.    That your petitioners further state that the old Jamaica Almanac, published in January, 1798, and now in the Library of the Jamaica Museum and Institute, shows that the "Friendly Lodge No. 8, Provincial Number, held in Kingston, second Tuesday every month," and that the later almanacs show that the Lodge was in continuous working from the above date to the date of the Union.

15.    That from the Union of the Grand Lodges in 18134814, to the present date, it will be shown by reference to the Book of Lodges that the Friendly Lodge No. 239 regularly made returns and payments to the Grand Lodge.

16.    That the Brethren submit that the foregoing proves that the Friendly Lodge was lawfully constituted in December, 1797, under the "Atholl" Grand Lodge, by Warrant or Dispensation No. 8, from the Provincial Grand Lodge, and duly returned for Registration —that the Engraved Warrant was issued on 31st January, 1809, No. 342 — that at the Union, in 1813/1814, the Lodge became No. 438  in 1832 it was changed to No. 291  and at the closing up of numbers in 1863, it became, and now is No. 239.

17.    That your Petitioners respectfully claim to have herein given statement of facts which proves the uninterrupted existence of the Lodge from December, 1797, to date.

Your Petitioners, therefore, pray for permission to wear a "Centenary Jewel" from and after the completion of their one hundredth year, and to celebrate their Centenary on the 14th February, 1898, the day fixed for the Installation of the Wor. Master of the Lodge and that such permission may be communicated to the Worshipful, the Deputy District Grand Master in charge at an early date, so as to enable the Brethren to make and complete arrangements for the celebration, and provide their Jewels, and further humbly ask that a Warrant be issued to the Lodge confirming such permission.

The Brethren humbly await the favourable consideration of their Petition, and will always observe strict obedience to the commands of the Grand Master, and the Laws and Regulations of the Grand Lodge.





And your Petitioners, as in duty bound will ever pray,
E. A. SAMUEL, Junior Warden..

C. Victor Abrahams, Secretary,
Kingston, Jamaica,
8th February, 1897.