Warrant Letter from the Grand Secretary


ATHOLL, Grand Master.

Thomas Scott, S.G.W.                     Thos. Harper, D.G.M.

M. Gillies, J.G.W.


We, the Grand Lodge of the Most Ancient and Honourable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons (according to the Old Constitutions granted by His Royal Highness Prince Edwin at York, Anno Domini Nine Hundred Twenty and Six) in ample form assembled, viz:

The Right Worshipful the Most Noble Prince John, Duke Marquis and Earl of Atholl, Marquis and Earl of Tullibardine, Earl of Strathsay and Strathardle Viscount Barquider, Glenalmond and Glenlyon, Lord Murray, Belveny and Gask, Heritable Constable of the Castle of Kinclaven, Lord of Man and the Isles, and Earl Strang and Baron Murray of Stanley in the County of Gloucester, &c. &c. &c. Grand Master of Masons.

The Right Worshipful Thomas Harper, Esqr., Deputy Grand Master, the Right Wor¬shipful Thomas Scott, Esqr., Senior Grand Warden, and the Right Worshipful M. Gillies, Esqr., Junior Grand Warden (with the approbation and consent of the Warranted Lodges held within the Cities and suburbs of London and Westminster), do hereby authorize and empower our trusty and well-beloved Brethren, viz:— The Worshipful Bro. Solomon Morales, one of our Master Masons, the Worshipful Bro. Samuel P. Mendes, his Senior Warden, and the Worshipful Bro. David Belesario, his Junior Warden, to form and hold a Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons af or es aid in the City of Kingston, or elsewhere in the Island of Jamaica, on the first Saturday in every month and on all seasonable times and lawful occasions: And in the said Lodge (when duly congregated) to admit and make Freemasons according to the Most Ancient and Honourable Custom of the Royal Craft in all Ages and Nations throughout the known World. And we do hereby further authorize and empower our said trusty and well-beloved Brethren, Solomon Morales, Samuel P. Mendes and David Belesario (with the consent of the Members of their Lodge), to nominate, chuse and install their successors, to whom they shall deliver this Warrant and invest them with their Powers and Dignities as Freemasons, &c. &c. And such successors shall in like manner nominate, chuse and install their successors &c. &c. &c. Such installations to be upon (or near) every St. John's Day, during the continuance of this Lodge, forever providing the above-named Brethren and all their successors always pay due respect to this Right Worshipful Grand Lodge, otherwise this Warrant to be of no force nor virtue.

Given under our HAND and SEAL of our GRAND LODGE in LON-
DON, this Thirty-first day of January, in the year of Our Lord,
One Thousand Eight Hundred and Nine, and in the year of Mason
ry, Five Thousand Eight Hundred and Nine.




ROBT. LESLIE, Grand Secretary.

This Warrant is registered in the GRAND LODGE, Vol. 10,
Letter H.