Meeting Calendar for English,Irish and Scottish

The Friendly Lodge #239 meets every second Tuesday,
excepting July, August and September.

English Constitution

Day Lodge No. Location Holidays Installation
1st Mon Royal
207 (EC) Barbados Avenue Aug-Sept May
1st Tue Phoenix Lodge of Instruction  14A Barbados Avenue None None
1st Wed Kingston 1933 (EC) Barbados Avenue Aug-Sept February
1st Thur Hamilton 1440 (EC) Spanish 
None May
1st Thur Hope 2813 (EC) Sav La Mar None November
1st Fri Arawak 6902 (EC) Barbados Avenue Jul-Aug October
1st Fri Cayman
(Rose Croix)
1095 (EC) Cayman Jan-Feb,Apr-Jul,Sep-Nov March
1st Sat Portland 7740 (EC) Portland Aug-Sep March
2nd Mon Jamaica College 7254 (EC) Barbados Avenue Jul-Sept March
2nd Tue Friendly 239 (EC) Barbados Avenue Jul-Sept February
2nd Wed Adair 8146 (EC) Mandeville Jun-Jul April
2nd Wed Sussex HRA 354 (EC) Barbados Ave Feb-Mar,May-Jun,Aug-Sep,Nov-Dec April
2nd Wed Jamaica
(Rose Croix)
48 (EC) Barbados Avenue Jan-Feb,Apr-May,Jul-Aug,Oct-Nov September
2nd Wed Blue Mountain
(Rose Croix)
666 (EC) Barbados Avenue Jan,Mar-Apr,Jun-Jul,Sep-Oct,Dec November
2nd Thur Friendly 383 (EC) Montego Bay None January
2nd Thur Collegium Fabrorum 1836 (EC) Barbados Avenue Aug-Sept June
2nd Fri University 7128 (EC) Barbados Avenue Jul-Sept February
2nd Fri The Brac 9470 (EC) Cayman Feb,Apr-May,Jul,Sep,Nov-Dec June
2nd Fri Cayman HRA 8153 (EC) Cayman Jan,Mar-Apr,Jun-Aug,Oct,Dec November
2nd Sat Saint Thomas 4338 (EC) Morant Bay Feb,May,Aug,Nov December
2nd Sat Jamaica Tabernacle
(Knights Templar)
167 (EC) Barbados Avenue Feb-Apr,Jun-Jul,Sep-Dec January
2nd Sat St. Catherine
(Rose Croix)
1099 (EC) Spanish Town Feb-Mar,May-Jun,Aug-Sep,Nov-Dec April
2nd Sat U.W.I Chapter
(Rose Croix)
1191 (EC) Barbados Avenue Jan,Mar-Jun,Aug-Oct,Dec Varies
3rd Tue Phoenix 914 (EC) Barbados Avenue None March
3rd Tue St. Thomas HRA 4338 Morant Bay Jan,Mar-Apr,Jun-Jul,Sep-Oct,Dec May
3rd Wed Sussex 354 (EC) Barbados Avenue Jul-Aug January
3rd Wed West Jamaica
(Rose Croix)
740 (EC) Montego Bay Jan,Mar-Apr,Jun-Jul,Sep-Oct, Dec February
3rd Thur Moore Keys 2519 (EC) Barbados Avenue Dec September
3rd Thur Harmony 3603 (EC) Montego Bay March,December April
3rd Thur Kingston College 9469 (EC) Barbados Avenue None September
3rd Fri Cayman 8153 (EC) Pros. Park Jul-Aug,Dec November
3rd Fri Phoenix HRA 914 (EC) Barbados Ave Jan,Mar-Apr,Jun-Jul,Sep-Oct,Dec 4th Wed Nov
3rd Fri Ewing HRA 3258 (EC) Mandeville Jan-Feb,Apr-May,Jul-Aug,Oct,Dec November
3rd Sat Francis Haddon Bowen 9238 (EC) Barbados Avenue Jul-Aug September
4th Mon Installed Masters 7420 (EC) Barbados Avenue Jan,Mar-Apr,Jun-Jul,Sep-Oct,Dec November
4th Mon West Jamaica HRA 363 Montego Bay Feb-Mar,MAy-Jun,Aug-Sep,Nov-Dec April
4th Tue Morin Chapter
(Rose Croix)
1124 (EC) Barbados Avenue Jan-Feb,Apr-Jun,Aug,Oct-Dec March
4th Tue Jamaica Preceptory
(Knights Templar)
189 (EC) Barbados Avenue Feb-Mar,May-Jun,Aug-Sep,Nov-Dec October
4th Wed Ewing 3258 (EC) Mandeville Dec February
4th Wed Royal HRA 207 (EC) Barbados Ave Feb-Mar,May-Jun,Aug-Sep,Nov April
4th Thu Kingston
(Rose Croix)
86 (EC) Barbados Avenue Feb-Mar,May-Jun,Aug-Sep,Nov-Dec April
4th Thu Friendly HRA 239 (EC) Barbados Ave Jan,Mar-Apr,Jun,Aug-Oct,Dec February
4th Thu University HRA 7128 (EC) Barbados Ave Jan-Feb,Apr-May,Jul-Aug,Oct-Nov 1st Thu Dec
4th Fri Ewing
(Rose Croix)
670 (EC) Mandeville Jan,Mar-Apr,Jun-Jul,Sep-Nov December
4th Sat Arawak HRA 6902 (EC) Barbados Ave Jan,Mar-Apr,Jun-Jul,Sep-Oct,Dec May
5th Sat District Grand Lodge   Barbados Avenue Feb-Jul,Sep-Dec January


Irish Constitution

Day Lodge No. Location Holidays Installation
Last Sat May,
1st Sat Dec
Provincial Grand Lodge   Barbados Avenue 1/2/3/4/6/7/8/9/10/11 December
1st Tue South Carolina 390 (IC) Barbados Avenue Jan/Jul-Sep February
1st Wed True Craftsman 921 (IC) McGregor Square Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct May
2nd Fri Emerald 899 (IC) Barbados Avenue Jul-Sep January
3rd Mon Providence 928 (IC) Nassau, Bahamas Jan-Mar/Jul-Aug/Oct/Dec April
3rd Mon Amity
(Royal Arch)
390 (IC) McGregor Square Jan/Mar-Apr/Jun-Jul/Sep-Oct/Dec April
3rd Mon Malone
(Royal Arch)
889 (IC) McGregor Square Feb-Mar/May-Jun/Aug-Sep/Nov-Dec April
3rd Mon Worton
(Councils of Knights)
83 (IC) McGregor Square Jan-Feb/Apr-May/Jul-Aug/Oct-Nov March
3rd Fri Port Royal 926 (IC) Port Royal Feb/Apr/Jun-Aug/Oct/Dec March
3rd Sat Erin 932 (IC) Four Paths Even Months


3rd Sat Irish Masters 907 (IC) Barbados Avenue Jan-Feb/Apr/Jun-Jul/Sep-Oct/Dec November
4th Tue Saint James 898 (IC) Montego Bay Jan/Jul-Aug/Dec February
4th Fri Western Shamrock 889 (IC) Barbados Avenue Jun-Aug/Dec January


Scottish Constitution

Day Lodge No. Location Holidays Installation
4th Wed District Grand Lodge
1/3/4/6/7/9/10/12 November
1st Mon John J. Mills 1657 Linstead Aug October
1st Tue Jackson McLaren Wint 1818 McGregor
None October
1st Wed Elgin 1526 Montego Bay Jul-Aug September
1st Thur Imperial Service 978 McGregor
None June
1st Sat Barrington Miller 1829 Santa Cruz August May
2nd Mon Semper Fidelis 1530 McGregor
None April
2nd Wed The Glenlyon 346 McGregor
None December
2nd Thur Caledonian 554 Port Maria None November
2nd Thur Stony Hill 1820 McGregor
None July
2nd Fri Saint Andrew 1684 McGregor
Jul-Sept March
2nd Sat Mico 1583 McGregor
Jul-Sept November
3rd Mon Clarendon Kilwinning 1427 Four Paths Aug February
3rd Tue Columbus 1660 Montego Bay None October
3rd Wed De La Vega 1744 Spanish Town August September
3rd Thur Middlesex 1628 Spaldings None January
4th Mon Saint John 623 McGregor
None February
4th Tue Wolmers 1506 McGregor
Jun-Jul September
4th Thur Seville 530 530 St. Ann's Bay None March
4th Fri Liguanea 1479 McGregor
Jul-Sept January
4th Sat Portmore 1834 Portmore None February